Red Nation at the forefront … In Vision, Creativity, Leadership, Inspiration & Sustainability for American Indian & Indigenous Nations in New Media & the Arts.


Heritage, Culture, History, Tradition

Red Nation Celebration (RNC) ~ Where Culture Meets Community is a federally recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit American Indian arts organization established to present contemporary and traditional American Indian performing arts of diverse artistic disciplines. To encourage understanding of cultural traditions, performing arts, preservation, and the advancement of American Indian, Alaska Native and Indigenous Nations.

Red Nation Celebration (RNC) MISSION
is dedicated to bringing Native American content and the arts to mainstream media by successfully replacing American Indian stereotype with recognition, new vision, arts, culture and economic prosperity by placing American Indian Image at the forefront of the entertainment industry and to introduce American Indian to a larger, global mainstream audience while establishing relations between the American Indian community, the entertainment industry and the world.

The VISION of Red Nation Celebration is to provide ongoing avenues for the exploration and presentation of contemporary and traditional American Indian performing arts: to educate the public on aspects of American Indian cultural and artistic expression; to educate and inform the music and film industries on new talent within the American Indian community; to provide youth with educational and vocational opportunities related to the music and entertainment industry; and to introduce American Indian artists to larger, global mainstream audiences.

The PURPOSE of this cultural exchange is education and the opportunity to provide and empower a voice for American Indian youth and women on/off the reservations as well as urban American Indian communities.

Founded in 1995, Red Nation Celebration (RNC) is the longest standing American Indian performing arts organization in the country.

RNC advocates on behalf of American Indian artists, performers, actors, directors, producers, writers as a liaison organization, promoting strong federally recognized artists including urban native communities as well as promoting a better understanding among the general public regarding American Indian, Alaska Native and Indigenous Nations, and people to the entertainment industry, arts, social justice, tribal nations, environmental and educational communities in Los Angeles and County, the State of California and world.

Red Nation Celebration was established out of a direct need.  RNC has its roots in Santa Fe, New Mexico, produced during the famous Indian Market (1995 to 1997); RNC pioneered the music movement during Indian Market. In 1995 there wasn’t any contemporary American Indian music being performed.  In 1998, Red Nation moved to Los Angeles to be produced during the most important weeks of the music industry “The Grammy Awards Week.” In 2003, Red Nation Celebration “Concert Series” became an “Official Grammy Event” and went on to become Red Nation Celebration’s “Signature” Event.  In 2005, Red Nation launched the music scene on the Plaza during Indian Market week-end and now native music is being performed on the plaza.

Red Nation Celebration “Concert Series” is still being produced during Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico in August and is the largest performing arts event, representing American Indian & Indigenous music, actors, writers, directors, producers, and visual artists.

Due to Red Nation’s vision, native music is being heard throughout Indian Market. Red Nation inspired this music movement and now audiences can experience native music almost anywhere throughout the United States. Red Nation’s success is a revolution and presentation of Native music from all over Indian Country from within the communities urban to reservations.  Red Nation was recognized as a groundbreaking concept and became a widely publicized event of national stature. Red Nation has successfully featured American Indian recording artists, Grammy winners and nominees, and has been a launching pad for numerous American Indian musicians who have been signed to labels since performing at Red Nation’s concerts over the last 16 years.

Red Nation Celebration is an event to preserve and record our heritage; an instrument for American Indians and non-Indians alike to erase stereotypes and replace them with positive representations that reflect the diversity of American Indian life and culture.

TODAY, Red Nation Celebration a leading American Indian entertainment entity.  RNC is the world’s most recognized international American Indian performing arts, cultural, media, and educational organization dedicated to American Indian, Alaska Native and Indigenous Nations.  Red Nation Celebration’s continued commitment supports excellence in education, self-esteem, healthy lifestyles, community building, economic development, empowerment and inspirational opportunities for American youth, and presents positive role models from the arts and entertainment disciplines to under-privileged youth on the reservations, empowerment initiatives for women on the reservations, and urban American Indian communities.


RNC’s educational programs, projects, human services and initiatives are important because they provide opportunities to share our culture, heritage and rich history with Californian’s and specifically, Angelinos.  Los Angeles is home to the largest American Indian & Indigenous population in the United States, beginning with historic government termination and relocation programs in the 1960′s that have resulted in more than 75,000 American Indians calling California home. This rich and diverse history is relatively unknown to the general population and many people are eager for this knowledge. The view of the American Indian has been the typical stereotype perpetuated by Hollywood and the entertainment industry. By presenting culture and art in its diverse forms, we are able to provide a glimpse into the American Indian perspective, while showcasing talented individuals that will provide broader access to mainstream America and international audiences.

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, second largest city in the country. Los Angeles is the most relevant place to begin education and cultural exchange that current and potential constituents are interested in. American Indian is a unique and underserved community including being the silent minority for so long and our organization gives voice to artistic and cultural expression that has yet to be seen by the general population in this region. Our ability to capture that expression through film, music, traditional dancing, television, radio and the arts showcases the Native American Indian in both traditional and contemporary forms. Our annual events/programs, community cultural out-reach programs, human services, and heritage month activities allow native and non-natives alike to gather and share ideas and perspectives which supports our organizational goals of culture exchange and education.

Red Nation-Santa Fe New Mexico during Indian Market over 100,000 tourists from all over the world come in to town to experience American Indian art in all its forms. This year will be 90th year of Indian Market and 16th year of Red Nation Celebration.   RNC and all it educational programs fosters cultural preservation, inter-cultural understanding, and economic opportunities for American Indians through excellence in the arts.

Red Nation Celebration (RNC) – Santa Fe New Mexico during Indian Market over 100,000 tourists from all over the world come in to town to experience American Indian art in all its forms. This year will be 90th year of Indian Market and 16th year of Red Nation Celebration.   RNC and all its educational programs fosters cultural preservation, inter-cultural understanding, and economic opportunities for American Indians through excellence in the arts.

The Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Nations in Film, Television, Music, Radio, New Media and the Arts….



Due to RED NATION CELEBRATION’S growth over the last 17 years, Red Nation Celebration “Concert Series” has become the organization’s “signature” event, held annually during the world’s most recognized and important weeks of the music industry “The Grammy Awards Week”

Now in its 14th year in Los Angeles, “Red Nation Celebration Concert Series” produced RED NATION CELEBRATION AMERICAN INDIAN GRAMMY WEEK; “A Night of Native Rock Celebrating “Grammy Awards Week” held four nights before Grammy Awards in February each year.

NATIVE WOMEN in MUSIC Concert Series, since its inception in 1996, with five major “Native Women in Music” concerts under its belt – Native Women in Music has become a MUSIC MOVEMENT.  “We are not on main stream radio nor prime time television yet” said Romero, “Its time for change and that change is now.”

The first “Native Women in Music” Concert Series was acknowledged by Mayor Debbie Jaramillo 1996 – City of Santa Fe Mayor Debbie Jaramillo Proclamation of “Native American Women’s Day in Santa Fe” – August 17, 1996.

Two years after “Native Women in Music” was launched, Sarah McLaughlin of the world’s famous “Lilith Fair Tour” asked Romero to join her all women tour in 1998.  Romero represented the American Indian voice and was the only American Indian recording artist to perform that year along with Sinead O’Connor, the Indigo Girls and Natalie Merchant; first all female tour.


MICHAEL JACKSON a friend of ROMERO, since they were 10 years old, Jackson became the leading force in making Romero’s company known to the world.  Due to JACKSON’S insight, he added her newly founded production company (1991) and shared the press in Entertainment Weekly.

It is now an award-winning production company in producing American Indian documentaries and independent films, which is under parent org RED NATION CELEBRATION.

The 1991 “Black or White” music video and song made history. ROMERO was instrumental in bringing American Indian dancers to JACKSON’S music video.  ROMERO was able to negotiate for the American Indian dancers to be paid over and above any dancers on any music video ever, due to the fact they were traditionally dressed (the wardrobe did not come from western costume). To date, they are the highest paid dancers in the music video industry. Also, this segment was the first clip of American Indian dancers in a music video without being a Native American music group/artist.

JACKSON also shot seven hours of photos of ROMERO’S daughter “Sage” while shooting his video and used SAGE’S image for his painted angels in his Neverland ranch.

The American Indian segment of the native dancers was originally shot in the studio, after reading one of ROMERO’S music video scripts, one week later the American Indian Dance segment was re-shot on location out-side.

“Michael was precious, kind and humble.  He carried a light that shined so bright.  His music was a gift to the world and that is why he was brought here.  I was blessed to have known Michael and I can not stop crying, my heart is forever broken.” said Joanelle Romero.”

Red Nation has grown over the years with an extensive portfolio:

Red Nation Corporation, Red Nation Channel Television, Red Nation Film Festival, Red Nation Media, Red Nation Productions, Red Nation Entertainment, Red Nation Records, The RNR Recording Group, Red Nation Radio, Red Nation News, Red Nation Films, Native Women in Film & Television, Native Women in Music, Red is Green Carpet Gala Events, Native Fashion with Social Action, Red Nation Philanthropy, Red Nation Diversity, American Indian Heritage Month in the City/County of Los Angeles, Red Nation Film Festival-The Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Nations in Cinema, Red is Green, Red Nation Film Award, The National American Indian and Indigenous Recording Academy of Arts & Sciences, Native Music Matters, Native Women in Recovery in the Arts, Native Women in Film & Television Symposium, Native Youth Matter, and Help the Earth.

Red Nation’s founder has actively been organizing American Indian events and youth initiatives in the City/County of Los Angeles for over 33 years and in the State of New Mexico 16 years; to give a voice to the most underrepresented group of American Indian and Indigenous Nations in film, music, television, radio and the arts.

Red Nation Celebration events are supported by American Indian communities, Corporate America, City and Government Funding, Private Foundations, Individuals and the Music and Film Industries.



Joanelle Romero – (Apache/Cheyenne Nations) West Hills, CA. & Santa Fe New Mexico. Established Award winning filmmaker, actress, record producer, musician, entrepreneur and humanitarian.  Founder of Award-winning Spirit World Productions, Red Nation Celebration and all of Red Nation Portfolio, including American Indian heritage month in the City/county of Los Angeles. Joanelle Romero is mother to Sage and Montano Rain.

34 years as a leading actress in film and television, SAG member since 1977.

(Romero is the longest standing American Indian member of the Screen Actors Guild and produced the only panel “Where Are We in Film, Television and Radio” to date at the SAG in 2000.  Romero sat on the SAG-EEOC from 1998 to 2000 and was the only American Indian representing the native voice to the union. Romero also ran for a seat on the Screen Actors Guild board in 2000 and was a close contender)
34 years as a recording artist.
32 years of sobriety.
23 years producing concerts, events.
23 years directing and producing award-winning documentary films; received a Armin T. Wegner Humanitarian Award in 2005.


Linda Tenequer: (Muscogee Creek Nation) Okmulgee OK. – Senior Writer: More than 20 years of business experience and more than 11 years experience working with business development and marketing. More recently, handling global business development while also writing for non-profits, federal grants, and individuals. President of the Board: Okmulgee Learning Center, Okmulgee, OK Education Committee Secretary: Okmulgee Indian Community.


Chief Joe Brings Plenty – (Cheyenne/Sioux) South Dakota. Former Chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

Montano Rain: Apache/Cheyenne Nations – (Los Angeles, CA & Santa Fe, New Mexico) – 17 year old.  Montano Rain is founder of his own non-profit organization HELP THE EARTH “HTE”.  Rock & Roll Drummer & Traditional American Indian Drummer/Singer, and Artist.  Montano Rain plays five instruments and masters three (drums, classical piano, guitar).  Montano Rain is young Neo in Matrix Reloaded. Montano Rain has grown up in the entertainment industry.  Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he is currently in 11th grade, when graduating in 2012, Rain will go to college and study becoming an “Environmental Engineer”. He brings the youth voice to Red Nation board and is one of Red Nation’s artists and graphic artist.  Rain has been on RNC board of directors for 8 years.

** Former Board Member: Edward Albert Jr. (2000 to 2006) Best known for his role in “Butterflies are Free” In more recent years he served on the California Coastal Commission and California Native American Heritage Commission.

** Former Board member: the late Chief Phil Crazy Bull – Lakota Nation.


John Bryant: Founder, Chairman, CEO of Operation Hope and Vice Chairman U.S. President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, Washington DC.

LaDonna Harris: (Comanche Nation) Albuquerque, New Mexico – Founder, of Americans for Indian Opportunity.

George Burdeau: (Blackfeet Nation) Santa Fe New Mexico – First American Indian Director to be admitted to the DGA.

Elizabeth Kucinich: (Washington DC) – wife of Dennis Kucinich.

Dan Aykroyd: (Los Angeles CA) – Blues Brother, Actor.

Sage Galesi – Apache/Cheyenne/Lakota Nations.  (Los Angeles CA)Twenty-four year old.  Award-winning actress, singer/singer/performer.  Sage is a former Board member of Red Nation Celebration, held for 14 yrs.  Sage is Senior Executive of Red Nation Records. Sage is a Graduate of Yale University 2008.

Lisa Tiger: (Muscogee/Creek/Seminole/Cherokee/Irish descent). Santa Fe New Mexico.  HIV/AIDS educator and motivational speaker. Lisa has been doing AIDS education since learning she was infected with the virus in 1992.  Infected by a boyfriend in 1988, in her hometown of Muskogee, Oklahoma, she went from HIV to AIDS in 1999.  Lisa has won numerous awards for her work as an AIDS educator.  For over a decade Lisa has dedicated her life to raising abandoned and abused children.

Becky Akins MA: – (Mohawk Nation) – Tucson AZ. – Nicotrigo, LLC. Grantwriting for Native Americans.

Dr. Anthony Stately: Ph. D. former AIDS Project LA.

Dr. Joel Silbar: (Woodland HiIls CA) Silbar Chiropractic.

Easi Morales: (Los Angeles CA) – “NYPD Blues” PBS “American Family, Actor.

Larry Sellers: Lakota/Osage Nations – (Tulsa, OK) – traditional ceremonial leader and actor who played the leading Indian role Cloud Dancing in the popular series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.”

Michael Horse: Apache/ Zuni Nations (San Francisco, CA) – Internationally known Indian artist and actor known for roles in the series “Roswell” and “X-Files”, television movie roles such as “Lakota Woman” and feature films such as “The Lone Ranger.”


* Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association (19 California Tribes).

* Clifton Syke – United Sioux Tribes Development Corporation (11 Lakota -Nakota – Dakota “Sioux” Tribes).

* Larry Meyers – California Native American Heritage Commission.

* Anthony Riveria Jr. – Juaneno Band of Missions Indians.

* A. Brian Wallace – Washoe Tribe.

* Joe Brings Plenty – Cheyenne River/Sioux Nation.


Each year Red Nation has approximately 30 volunteers.  More than half is American Indian. UCS, UCLA, CSUN, CAL-POLY Students have all been volunteers or interns over the years. We are also grateful for the diligent work of our volunteers and deeply appreciate their generous gifts of time and expertise.


Entertainment Attorney: upon request.
Accountant Company: upon request.


1995-2011 – and into the Future ….

–       Red Nation Celebration – Founding (Santa Fe New Mexico)

–       Red Nation Celebration Concert Series (held during Indian Market which launched the Native Music movement in New Mexico, annual event)

–       Native Women in Music “Concert Series”

–       Red Nation Celebration – moves to Los Angeles, CA

–       Red Nation Celebration Concert Series, becomes an Official Grammy Event, annual event

–       Red Nation Film Festival – The Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Nations in Cinema (held annually)

–       Red Nation in association with Help the Earth Environmental Youth Empowerment Organization

–       Red Nation Founded & Launched American Indian Heritage Month includes Cultural Events (in the City/County of Los Angeles, CA – held annually in November)

–       Native Women in Film & Television

–       American Indian Heritage Month, officially recognized by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and City of Los Angeles

–       Red Nation Television Channel (on the internet-all native content)

–       Respecting the Water of Life Ceremonies (annual event)

–       Red Nation Parade (downtown Los Angels First & Only)

–       Red Nation Pau Wau

–       Help the Earth Youth Summits

–       Red Nation Radio (KPFK)

–       Red Nation Film Festival Pre-Oscar Screening (annual event)

–       Red is Green Carpet Galas (annual events)

–       Native Fashion with Social Action

–       American Indian Heritage Month, established officially with Department of Indian Affairs and Governor Bill Richardson

–       Red Nation Film Festival “On the Road”

–       Red Nation Film Award (unveiled)

–       Red Nation Film Awards

–       Red Nation Clothing and Bead Work Company

–       Native Women in Recovery in the Arts

–       Help the Earth “Environmental” Film Festival

–       Native Music Matters

–       The National American Indian and Indigenous Recording Academy of Arts & Sciences

–       Red Nation Music Fest (2 full days of Contemporary & Traditional American Indian Music-held in Santa Fe New Mexico during Indian Market)

Red Nation Performing Artists since inception 1995 to now ….

Shannon and Shauna Baker (The Baker Twins)

The Plateros – returning artist

Noah Watts

Governor Joe Garica – President of National Congress of American Indian

Montano Rain (Matrix Reloaded) – returning artist

Sage Galesi (Awarding winning Actress Starred in the mini-series Dreamkeeper & Steven Spielberg/TNT “Into the West”) – returning artist

Joanelle Romero – returning artist

BlackFire – returning artist

Randy Castillo – former drummer for Ozzy Osborne

Joanne Shenandoah – Grammy

Diane Shenandoah

Joy Harjo with Poetic Justice

Joy Harjo  – returning artist

Thais Albert – returning artist

Julian B. – returning artist

Lucie Idlout

Derek Miller

Irene Bedard

Martha Redbone

Russell Means

RedBone – Grammy Nominee

Aaron White (SkyChasers) – returning artistsGrammy

Quese IMC

Gary Framer – returning artist



Bill Miller – Grammy

Robert Mirbal – Grammy

Barbara Williams – returning artist

Edward Albert, Jr. – returning artist

Michael Spears

Eddie Spears


Cherokee Rose

Star Nayea

Burning Sky

Boys for the Rez

Sundance – returning artist

Andrew Ahsona

Geraldine Barney

Donna Concha

SC Kool

TRADITIONAL DRUMS (over the years)

Hershel Dayzie – Dine Nation

Pierson Nunez – Acjachemen Nation

Moses Bring Plenty – Cheyenne River/Sioux Nations

Clayson Benally of Blackfire – Dine Nation

Red Nation Celebration Traditional Drum – returning artist

The Mankillers (all women drum group) – returning artist

Two Red Skins and One Yellow Man – returning artist

The Taos Singers

White Buffalo Singers/Drum – returning artist

Red Hand Singers/Drum

Wild Horse Singers

TRADITIONAL FLUTES (over the years)

Phillip M. Hauzous – Traditional Flute – returning artist

Joseph Lam Medicine Robe – Traditional Flute – returning artist

Joseph Fire Crow – Traditional Flute – returning artistGrammy


The American Indian Dance Theatre

The American Indian Dance Company

Ben Wolf & Traditional Dancers – returning artist

Dinetah Dancers

Red Hand Dancers

SPECIAL APPEARANCES (over the years)

David Bowie Band / Tony Sales

Rick Auerbach Assessor Proclamation (read by Carol Wong Quan)

Los Angeles Mayor’s Proclamation (read by Irene Bedard)

Tal Finney (Advisor to Gray Davis)

Santa Fe Mayor Debbie Jaramillo

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Los Angeles Councilmember Bill Rosendahl

Rick Auerbach Assessor Proclamation (read by Carol Wong Quan)

Former Senator Tom Hayden

Troy Garity

Ally Walker

Esai Morales

Poppy Montgomery

Noah Watts

Barry Goldberg

Sally Kirkland

Edward Albert Jr.

Gary Busey


Edward James Olmos

Vic Bulluck (NAACP)

Peter Coyote

Dan Aykroyd

Tony Sales – David Bowie Band

Julie Christensen

Steven Collins & The 7th Band

Peter York – The Monkeys

Gary Busey

Tony Sales

Lee Butterfield – Paul Butterfields Son


Chris Douglas

Bray Ghiglia

HOSTS (over the years)

Chief Oren Lyons

Edward Albert Jr.

Peter Coyote

Shannon and Shauna Baker (The Baker Twins)

Michael Horse – returning host

Jay Tavera – returning host

Vanessa Brown – returning host

Larry Sellers – returning host

Carrie Dunn Anderson

Chris Lawford

Catherline Carlen

Sheriyln Fenn

Sally Kirkland – returning host

Edd Hall

Shadoe Stevens

Elaine Miles

Conroy Chino of KOB-TV 4

Suzan Shown Harjo

FEATURED ARTISTS (RNC Posters) – over the years

Ben Shortly – Navajo

Michael Horse


Murdock Mojado

Montano Rain

CONCERT DEDICATIONS (over the years)

John Paul Getty III

Solomon Burke


Sitting Bull

Crazy Horse

Wallace Black Elk

Randy Castillo (former drummer to Ozzy, Lita Ford, Morley Crue)

George Harrison (Beatle)

Rick Danko (The Band)

Allan Houser (Artist)

HONOREES (over the years)

Elizabeth Taylor

Don & Theda Keel

Randy Castillo

Skywalkers (American Indian Men Who Built the Twin Towers)

Navajo Code Talkers

Edward Albert Jr. (Commissioner of American Indian Affairs for the State of California)

Mike Smith, Founder of American Indian Film Festival

Tom Bee, Founder of SOAR Records

Richard Brown – Toys R Us

OPENING BLESSINGS (over the years)

Mati Waiya Ceremonial Elder– Chumash Nation

Montano Rain – Apache/Cheyenne Nations

Pete Catches – Lakota Spiritual Leader

Jimmy Castillo – Tongva Spiritual Leader

Chief Crazy Bull – Lakota Spiritual Leader

Chief Norman Tulley – Sundancer & Sundance Leader

John Funmaker – Community Spiritual Leader

Sagna Grant – Actor/Traditional Dancer/Elder

Christine Padilla – Lakota

Lance King – relative of Frank Fools Crow/nephew to Chief Arvol Looking Horse



Network and Union support

  • ABC Television Network
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • CBS Television Network
  • FOX Entertainment Group
  • KNBC
  • TNT Television Network
  • TNT Originals
  • Turner Broadcasting
  • Screen Actors Guild of America
  • Screen Actors Guild Foundation Actors Center
  • Writers Guild of American West
  • Producers Guild
  • Directors Guild
  • Ted Turner Foundation
  • Grammy Foundation
  • Union 480
  • BMI

American Indian organization support

  • California Native American Heritage Commission
  • Joe Garcia ~ President of National Congress of American Indians
  • Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians
  • Pechanga Resorts & Casino
  • San Manuel Casino
  • Councilmember Kenneth Perez of Pechanga Tribe
  • Cabazon Band of Mission Indians
  • Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians
  • Frank Howell Inc.
  • The United Sioux Tribes Of South Dakota Development Corporation (includes 11 Lakota-Nakota-Dakota Sioux Tribes of South Dakota and Nebraska)
  • Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association (includes all local 19 California tribes)
  • Oneida Nation Foundation
  • Allan Houser Family
  • Allan Houser Inc
  • Institute of American Indian Arts (I.A.I.A.)
  • Center for Research & Cultural Exchange of the Institute of American Indian Arts
  • Americans for Indian Opportunity
  • American Indian Film Festival Institute Tribal Touring Program
  • Chief Arvol Looking Horse
  • Pete Catches – Lakota Nation
  • Jimi Castillo – Tongya Nation
  • Albino Garica – Lakota Nation
  • Floyd Etsitty – Dine Nation
  • John Funmaker – Ho Chunk/Lakota Nations
  • Clinfton Syke – United Sioux Tribe
  • Dr. Laura Williams MD, MTH – Juaneno/Acachenen Nations
  • Sandy Kewanhaptewa-Dixon – Hopi Nation
  • Arnold W. Thmoas – Shoshone-Paiute Tribes
  • Brain Wallace – Washoe Tribe
  • Native Nations Sustainable Alliance
  • South Western Association for Indian Arts Inc.
  • United American Indian Involvement, Inc. (UAII)
  • Help the Earth Environmental Youth Empowerment
  • American Indian Genocide Museum
  • Future for Children
  • National Native American AIDS Prevention Center
  • Native American Chamber of Commerce / Houston TX
  • Southern California Chairmen’s Association
  • San Diego American Indian Health Center
  • United Sioux Tribes
  • National Native American AIDS Prevention Center (NNAAPC)
  • Sisters Publishing
  • Sioux Nation Film Commission
  • Bullfrog Films
  • First Nations Films
  • Windhollow Foundation
  • American Indian Honor Guard / Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi Yokut Tribe
  • Cal Poly University – Indian Studies
  • Murdock Mojado Advertising / Graphic
  • Red Nation Holdings, Inc
  • Red Nation Records
  • Miss Zuni Organization
  • Painted Horse
  • Four Directions
  • Mother Bear’s Books
  • OCB Trading Post
  • Standing Bear’s Trading Post
  • Hi Rez
  • Gray Wolf Trading Company
  • Red Rocks Productions


  • State Of California
  • City of Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
  • County of Los Angeles Public Library
  • Governor Schwarzenegger the State of California
  • Lt Governor Cruz Bustamante
  • Governor Bill Richardson – State of New Mexico
  • State NM Indian Affairs Dept
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commence
  • Honorable Yvonne Burke
  • New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs
  • City of Los Angeles/Department of Cultural Affairs
  • City of Los Angeles Council members: Wendy Gruel, Jan Perry, Bill Rosendahl, Tom LaBonge, Jose Huizar, Ed Ryes.
  • Metropolitan Water District
  • Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
  • Honorable Mayor Hahn
  • Democratic Candidate for Congress Mary Pallant

Other organization & companies

  • James Irvine Foundation
  • Community Foundation Los Angeles
  • Texaco Foundation
  • Toys R Us
  • Gifts in Kind
  • Jane Goodall Institute and Roots and Shoots
  • Educational Foundation of America
  • The Martin Foundation
  • U.S. West Foundation
  • Guitar Center
  • The Gap
  • The Holman Group
  • Events D’Elegance
  • Farm Lab
  • BMI
  • United Hispanic Chamber of Commerce / Los Angeles
  • United Nations Association
  • Hollywood / LA Beatification Team
  • Chinatown Business District
  • Common Cause
  • Riverside Church
  • The City of Santa Fe and the 1% Lodgers Tax
  • Hotel Santa Fe New Mexico
  • Galpin Ford of San Fernando Valley
  • Santa Fe Natural Tobacco
  • AT & T Broadband
  • Sony U.S.A.
  • Capital Ford of Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Reno Air
  • U.S. West Cellular
  • Las Palomas of Santa Fe
  • United Nations Associations / Pasadena Foothills Chapter
  • Unity Foundation
  • Jean Cocteau Theater
  • World Gym
  • Squillace Productions Studios
  • White Buffalo Music
  • Arthouse  Marketing Group
  • Ballona Wetlands
  • Buonora Child Development Center
  • LA Corps
  • Casa de Sousa
  • Los Angeles State Historic Park
  • Maha Yoga
  • Plaza Café in Santa Fe
  • Steaz
  • Techovoice
  • Bodhi Tree
  • Joe Bui Graphics
  • APLA – Aids Project Los Angeles
  • Reel, Stage & Page, Inc.
  • Movimento Fitness Solutions
  • LA Filmmakers Cooperation
  • Red Circle Project
  • Los Angeles Minority Business Opportunity Center
  • Red House BBQ
  • El Pueblo De Los Angeles
  • Fish And Game Commission
  • McKrogh Production
  • Silers Accountancy Corp
  • Unity Foundation
  • Patagonia
  • A-1 Event & Party Rentals
  • Pro-Stage
  • Color Images
  • Chop Shop Inc.
  • Aon Consulting
  • FedEX Kinko’s (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
  • Las Palomas (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
  • Plaza Café – (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
  • Boy Scouts Of America / Troop 400 / Citizenship In The Community Merit Badge
  • Children’s Defense Fund
  • Earth Spirit Agape
  • Ecovillage Tours
  • Oneworldorg
  • Baha’i Faith South Coast Interfaith Council
  • Topanga Peace Alliance
  • UN World Peace Bell Society Of Los Angeles
  • Watts Day of the Drum Festival
  • Subway – (Downtown L.A.)
  • Placita Café
  • Chevron Station – Downtown L.A.
  • Casa Bernal Ups
  • Metro Banking
  • Latin Sun
  • The California Endowment
  • Mabel Services
  • Metro
  • Plaza Hotel
  • Artes Andinas Inc.
  • Universal Protection Service
  • St. Peter’s Italian Church
  • Casa Italiana
  • Whole Foods (Los Angeles & Santa Fe)
  • United Nations Association
  • The Mexican Consulate
  • Peace Beads
  • Amoeba Music Store
  • Celebration Of Oneness
  • Edgegraphics
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  • The Leap Organization
  • Transformational Art Therapy Center
  • SPA Siddha
  • Amoeba Music Store
  • H20 Fuel
  • Burke Williams Day Spa
  • Digital Shaman
  • Photos FX Digital Imaging Centers of Santa Fe
  • Native Jackets, Inc.
  • Higo’s Restaurant
  • Willie’s On Water Restaurant
  • Elements Dance & Outreach Company
  • Planet Hair/Aveda
  • Philippe’s
  • Home Boy Industries
  • Wild Oats (Santa Fe NM)
  • Silbra Chiropracic
  • Mani’s Bakery
  • Z Pizza Ranch


  • Summit Entertainment
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
  • Multicultural Motion  Picture Association
  • New Mexico Film Office
  • California Film Commission
  • The Actors Gang
  • New Mexico Film Museum
  • New Mexico Music Connection
  • Wild Eagle Entertainment
  • Raleigh Studios
  • David Geffen
  • Sony Pictures Classic
  • Time Warner
  • Canyon Records
  • SOAR Records
  • Warner Reprise Records
  • Warner Western Records
  • Red Nation Records
  • Major Event Productions
  • High Rise Films
  • Angstrom Stage Lighting & Production Services
  • Breakdown Services
  • Duke City Studios
  • Billboard Live
  • Carlen/Heller Acting Workshop


Film Festivals

  • Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
  • Los Angeles Film Festival
  • ARPA International Film Festival
  • Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival
  • Pan African Film Festival
  • American Indian Film Festival


  • Elizabeth  & Dennis Kucinich
  • Miko Brando
  • Joe Pykta
  • Connie Stevens
  • Sara Nichols (Los Angeles Bioneers)
  • Kenny Ausubel (Co-CEO & Founder of Bioneers)
  • Thom & Gail Steinbeck
  • Betty & Stanley Sheinbaum
  • Becky Akins
  • Joel Silbar
  • Verlena Sanchez
  • Bear & Enda Romero
  • Daisey Kinsel
  • Liva Kinsel
  • Brenda Pete
  • Kassi Kee
  • Colbert Sherman
  • Marjorie Bilagody
  • Dianne Kee
  • Mano Lujan
  • Sharon Simmons


  • Billboard Magazine (Spotlight)
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
  • Aboriginal Voices Radio
  • Native Peoples
  • Los Angeles Times
  • KCAL 9
  • Clear Channel
  • Newsweek
  • Texaco Magazine
  • Daily News
  • Cowboy & Indians Magazine
  • The New Mexican
  • Indian Report
  • KPFK 90.7 FM
  • LA Weekly
  • KBAC Radio
  • Nativecelebs
  • Censored News
  • KOB-TV 4
  • KUNM – Singing Wire
  • Albuquerque Arts Magazine
  • Albuquerque Journal
  • Pasatiempo (New Mexico)
  • Coyote Radio
  • e-50 Web Site Hosting
  • Yogi Times
  • Channel 35
  • LA Inc./Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Red Nation Television Channel
  • Red Nation Radio, @LA – the guide to greater Los Angeles & Southern
  • Nancy Pearlman–Eco TV Series
  • In addition, our Annual Red Nation Celebration Concert Series and organization has been acclaimed with numerous articles in such national media as; Billboard Magazine-feature story-Native Special issues, LA Times- Cover Story, Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, Native Peoples, LA Weekly, Indian Country Today, American Indian Report, Texaco Magazine, Daily News, NBC, Canadian Press.

Television & Internet News Coverage

ABC News / George Pennacchio Entertainment segment

Live Television Coverage – Opening Night of Red nation Film Festival

CBS 2 News – Live Coverage – “RNC’s Exclusive Screening Premiere of “New Moon”

Reelz Channel – Internet Coverage

“RNC’s Exclusive Screening Premiere of “New Moon”

DipDive – Internet Coverage

“RNC’s Exclusive Screening Premiere of “New Moon”


RNC “Concert Series” Commercial Spot that ran during 1995 “Olympics” including several years of spots that run. As well as Live coverage of Red Nation Films “the First all American Indian Drama Series in the U.S., shoot in NM)

Red Nation Celebration has received the following endorsements, proclamations, resolutions and Certificates of Appreciation:

Letters of Endorsements:

Chief Arvol Looking Horse – 2006 in support of founder Joanelle Romero efforts to launch American Indian Heritage Month in the city of Los Angeles.

Pete Catches – Oceti Wakan – April 25, 2005 – To celebrate American Indian Heritage Month.

Wilma Mankiller – In support of Red Nation’s efforts in bringing American Indian music to the forefront of the music industry – Red Nation Celebration Concert Series; Traditional & Contemporary American Indian  Music & Educational  programs, held during the Grammy week annually.

Peter Coyote – Wild Dog Productions, Inc. – Peter Coyote, President – October 20, 2006 – in support of founder Joanelle Romero efforts to launch American Indian Heritage Month in the city of Los Angeles.

Ethleen Iron Cloud-Two Dogs, Oglala Sioux Tribe / Wakaanyeja Wape Tokeca – In support of Red Nation’s American Indian Music educational program for youth.

Native American Heritage Commission – In support of Establishing the First American Indian Heritage Month in the City/County of Los Angeles, CA., a great accomplishment and a testament to Red Nation’s life-long commitment to the American Indian community and their contributions in California.

United Sates Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs – In support of Red Nation’s American Indian Music educational program for youth.

United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. – In support of Red Nation’s American Indian Music educational program for youth.

Allan Houser Inc. – – In support of Red Nation’s American Indian Music educational program for youth.

American Indian Film Festival – in support of Red Nation Celebration Concert Series, held during the Grammy week annually.

Southern California Indian Center, Inc. – in support of Red Nation Celebration Concert Series, held during the Grammy week annually.

Mexican Consuldo Rubin Beltran 2006 – Council General of Mexico –  September 19, 2006 – for initiating American Indian Heritage Month in the City of Los Angeles.

Southern California Tribal Chairmen Association 2006 – Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association – August 9, 2006, initiating American Indian Heritage Month in the City of Los Angeles. S.C.T.C.A. represents 19 California Tribes. United Sioux Tribes of South Dakota

2006 – United Sioux Tribes – July 17, 2006, initiating American Indian Heritage Month in the City of Los Angeles. United Sioux Tribes represents 11 Lakota/Dakota tribes.

Native Nations Sustainable Alliance 2006 – Native Nations Sustainable Alliance – July 17, 2006, initiating American Indian Heritage Month in the City of Los Angeles.

Councilmember Jose Huziar 2007 – To celebrate American Indian Heritage Month.


From California Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante Resolution for initiating American Indian Heritage Month in the City of Los Angeles – Red Nation Celebration” – November 2006.

From Rick Auerbauch, Assessor, Los Angles County,  MAY 2003 – Native Women in music concert to sponsor the Red Nation celebration honoring a culture of traditional dance and music; Los Angeles County has the largest urban American Indian population in the United States and now hosts this non-profit dance and music festival and marketplace showcasing Native projects; Rick Auberbach, Assessor of the County of Los Angeles, on the 30th Day of May 2003, commend and congratulate Red Nation Celebration.

Proclamations received from:

Governor Bill Richardson and Department of Indian Affairs  – in partnership with Red Nation Celebration; A gubernatorial proclamation officially commemorating the month of November as “American Indian Heritage Month” throughout the State of New Mexico.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Proclamation for “Native American Heritage Month” – November 3, 2006.

Local Tongva Spiritual Leader Jimi Castillo officially recognized Joanelle Romero as “the First Lady of American Indian Heritage Month” for all Red Nations, during the Mayor’s Reception for the first Heritage Month in 2006, because she had succeeded in unifying the interests of 19 tribes in the Los Angeles area.

Mayor James Hahan 2005 – in launching the first American Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles – the Entertainment Capital of the world.

Mayor James Hahn 2003 – Los Angeles City Mayor James Hahn Proclamation of “American Indian Music Month” – June 2003.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg 2003 – City of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg Proclamation for the 8th Annual Red Nation Celebration Concert Series – February 20, 2003.

Mayor James Hahan 2002 – City of Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn Proclamation of “Native Women in Music Day” – February 28, 2002.

Mayor Richard Riordan 2001 – Los Angeles City Mayor Richard Riordan Proclamation of “American Indian Music Day” – February 18, 2001.

Mayor Debbie Jaramillo 1996 – City of Santa Fe Mayor Debbie Jaramillo Proclamation of “Native American Women’s Day in Santa Fe” – August 17, 1996.


Joanelle Romero was further acknowledged by Ellen Snortland, former President of United Nations Association, Pasadena Chapter in the Pasadena Weekly, 2006: “American Indians have every right to despise white folks and curse us, rather than bless us. And yet, there are leaders like Romero who boggle the typical pedestrian mind. Like Nelson Mandela, she is a prime example of forgiveness in action. Mandela had every right to call for a bloodbath when he was finally released from prison in South Africa. Mandela-like, Romero stands on his mighty global shoulders and calls for oneness, love and what she describes as female energy.” –partial quote.


Certificates of Appreciation

Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION / NOV 15, 2006 – sincere appreciation to you for your vision and support in making American Indian Heritage Month a reality. We recognize your leadership and extraordinary work in promoting and preserving American Indian Culture in the arts and community; and for your outstanding continuous support of justice not just in the American Indian community but for all Angelinos and women everywhere. Congratulations on your accomplishments and achievements throughout the years.

Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION / NOV 15, 2006 recognize your various community events and activities during American Indian Heritage Month throughout the City of Los Angeles. We especially applaud the 3rd Annual Red Nation Film Festival for being at the forefront and showcasing American Indian stories of truth.

Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, CONGRATULATIONS / NOVEMBER 16, 2005 – 10 year Red Nation Celebration. We recognize your dedication by sharing diversity, contemporary arts, cultural education and traditional American Indian Entertainment.

Mayor Antonio R. Villraigosa, CONGRATULATIONS / NOVEMBER 16, 2005 – City of Los Angeles State of California Congratulations to Spirit World Productions.


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