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Star-Studded Red is Green Carpet – Native Fashion with Social Action

Red Nation Motion Picture Awards

Special Airs on Red Nation Television Channel – Native is Here

A & E lead the Nominees in the TV Categories

Johnny Depp to receive the “Brando Award”

Russell Means “Last of the Mohicans” to be Remembered

Red Nation Awards Show, 9th Annual Red Nation Film
Festival – The Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Cinema, … A
presentation of Red Nation Documentary Film Institute.

“Hollywood has Oscar, Broadway has Tony, Television has the Emmy, and now
American Indian has the Red Nation Film Award.” And the Winner is …..

Red is Green Carpet Gala – Native Fashion for Social Action

Celebrities CONFIRMED: Edward James Olmos,, Esai Morales, Shepard Fairey (Famed Artist), Aaron Huey (Photographer), Eric Becker (Director), Ricky Schroder (Director/actor), Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Miko Brando, Micheal Beckwith (Founder of Agape), Billy Zane (“Titantic”), Crystal Allen (Trail of Blood, Anaconda III), Zahn McClarnon (“Longmiere”, “Ringer”), Michael Spears (“Dances with Wolfs”, “Imprint”), Eddie Spears (Hell on Wheels), Marisa Quinn (Twilight Saga/Breaking Dawn 2), Bruce Boxleitner (How the West Was Won, Bring ‘Em Back Alive, Scarecrow and Mrs. King (with Kate Jackson), Tehmina Sunny (Heroes, Californication, NCIS Undercovers), Brandon Routh (Superman

Returns, Crooked Arrows), , Crooked Arrows), Jeffrey McCormick (Crooked Arrows),Stephen Brackett (Crooked Arrows), Marc Marcum  (Crooked Arrorws), J. Todd Harris (Crooked Arrows), Mitchell Peck (Crooked Arrows), Adam Leff (Crooked Arrows), Neal J. Powless (Crooked Arrows), Ernest Stevens III (Crooked Arrows), Jacques Vroom III (Crooked Arrows) Brad Riddell (Crooked Arrows), Todd Baird (Crooked Arrows) Montano Rain(“Matrix Reloaded”, youth environmental activist), Sage Galesi (Steven Spielberg’s “Into the West” & “Dreamkeeper”), and RNFF founder/president Joanelle Romero (“Pow Wow Highway”, “American Holocaust: When It’s all over all still be Indian”), plus more TBA.

Invite Celebrities: Michael Mann, Val Kilmer, Winona Rider, William Hurt, ChristianCamargo, Charlie Annenberg, Jessi Colter, Peter Coyote, Katie Holmes, Tom
Hayden, Marvin Wolf (co-author of Russell Means autobiography), Neal Cohen
(publicist BWR).

Russell Means family will be in attendance: Pearl Means (Russell’s Wife) and Tatanka Means (Russell’s son).

Russell Means – Actor, Author, Founder of the Amercian Indian Movement
died this past Monday, Russell Means was on the board of Red Nation Film
Festival-The Authentic Voice of American Indain & Indigenous Cinema. He
will be honored on November 14th at Red Nation Film Festival – The
Authentic Voice of American Indain & Indigenous Cinema – Star-Studded Red
is Green Carpet Gala held at Harmony Gold / Los Angeles CA.

Russell is best known for films such as: chief Chingachgook in The Last of
the Mohicans, The Pathfinder (1996), Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers
(1994), as Jim Thorpe in Windrunner: A Spirited Journey, as Sitting Bull
in Buffalo Girls (1995), and had a cameo in the miniseries Into the West
(2005), Ricky Schroder’s Black Cloud, He was a voice actor in Disney’s
third highest-selling video Pocahontas (1995) and its sequel Pocahontas
II: Journey to a New World (1998), playing the title character’s father,
Chief Powhatan.

MORE Celebrities to be CONFIRMED …. Stay tuned in!

Thursday, October 30, 2012: Nominations announced

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Benefiting: Native Youth Matter – If I Can See It I Can It! ~ Black Hills Are Not For Sale “Save Pe’ Sla”



American photographer Aaron Huey has received some tough assignments over the years, covering the drug war in Afghanistan for The New York Times and The New Yorker, as well as the assassination of Benazir Bhutto – also for The New Yorker. But one project in particular, ‘Poverty in America’, has provided Aaron with a different perspective on his role as a photojournalist, and has ended up spawning a number of related art, film, and audio projects since he started work on it in 2005.

Huey’s original goal when planning the ‘Poverty In America’ project was to travel across the country shooting a broad range of poor communities. But after visiting the first location, The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, he abandoned the project as it was originally conceived, to focus solely on Pine Ridge.

Aaron would end up going back to Pine Ridge –  home of the Oglala Sioux Tribe – close to 20 times over the following seven years, enabling him to have ongoing exposure to feedback, both positive and negative, from the people he was taking photos of. ‘We don’t usually have to look back into the eyes of our subjects’ said Huey of his Pine Ridge work. ‘In Afghanistan, I just had to survive, but with the Pine Ridge work, I had to evolve’.


*Exclusive Red Nation WORLD Premiere*


Director:  Olga Valanos, Director, DP, Editor
54 minutes * USA * Documentary Feature

George Burdeau, Emmy and Peabody Award Winner and co-founder
of Native American Public Television stated, “Today’s movies are slick but lacking
spirit. Generation Red Nation is all heart.”

Reckless government policies nearly destroyed American Indian tribes and could now do the same to the United States as a whole. As stated by interviewee, Squeak Bourland, “Our People are dying, while other people are getting rich.”

This documentary gives a brutally honest view of life on a
reservation, leaving “the Rez”, and in the city. With unemployment at 89%, 2/3’s of
the population substance abusers, the shortest lifespans in the nation, disintegrating
families, climbing teen suicide rates, and substandard education, how can they
survive? Part of the solution is to learn and heed the teachings of the Elders that
are featured. They talk of personal healing in addition to political change.

Unlike other documentaries, the music is a main character, with
lyrics interwoven between interviews. The hauntingly beautiful soundtrack features Grammy Award winning Native American singers, Rita Coolidge and Verdell Primeaux; Grammy Nominee, Joanne Shenandoah;
Juno Award Winner, Sadie Buck; and Robbie Robertson, who won a Grammy Lifetime
Achievement award with The Band.

Interviewees Include:
Russell Means, Ted Roy, Clifford W. Cayou Sr., Glenn T. Morris, George Chase Alone Sr., Homer Chase Alone,
John E. Echohawk, Margaret Yankton, Squeak Bourland, Dr. Tink Tinker


Olga Valanos: Director, Director of Photography, Editor: Olga Valanos has photography and fine art training at
Maryland Institute of Art, a BA in Art History, and an MBA from Loyola College in MD.  Her directorial experience is in creating local TV advertisements.  She worked as a market research and marketing manager in Fortune 500 companies, but quit to raise her child and fulfill her dream of creating a film about aboriginal peoples, the Native Americans.

Jim Wilson, Music Producer:
His CD Sacred Ground won a Grammy for Best Native American
Music Album in 2005.

Jim has worked on several documentaries, including the Emmy
Award Winning TBS documentary “The Native Americans” and the accompanying album “Music for the Native Americans”.

In 1997, Wilson produced the self-titled “Walela” album with Rita Coolidge, Laura Satterfield, and Priscilla Coolidge. This album has proven to be a classic in the “New Native” genre, winning two NAMA awards.

Jim collaborated with Robbie Robertson on “Contact from the Underworld of Redboy”. The album received two Grammy nominations and was featured on VH1 and PBS specials.

Red Nation FilmLab Panel with: (in attendance) Olga Valanos, more TBA

RED NATION “THE PITCH” (this is echo program of “Kickstarter but LIVE in front of an audience)

*Exclusive Red Nation WORLD Premiere*


Director: Alan Blackburn
5 minutes * USA * Trailer

ONE Filmmakers Panel for all 3  films in attendance!

Red Nation FilmLab Panel with: Alan Blackburn

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Red Nation *Sports* Film Series presents


Join the Tribe

*Exclusive Red Nation Premiere*

A Family Feature

Red is Green Carpet Event – Opening Music: TBA

Director:  Steve Rash
105 minutes * USA * Feature (Drama)

A mixed-blood Native American, Joe Logan, eager to modernize his reservation, must first prove himself to his father, the traditionalist Tribal Chairman, by rediscovering his spirit. He is tasked with coaching the reservations high school lacrosse team which competes against the better equipped and better trained players of the elite Prep School League.

Joe inspires the Native American boys and teaches them the true meaning of tribal pride. Ignited by their heritage and believing in their new-found potential, coach and team climb an uphill battle to the state championship finals against their privileged prep school rivals. Will they win?

Starring: Brandon Routh, Gil Birmingham and Crystal Allen.

Executive Producers: Jeffrey McCormick, Stephen Brackett, Marc Marcum
Producers: J. Todd Harris, Mitchell Peck, Adam Leff , Neal J. Powless,  Ernest Stevens III, Jacques Vroom III
Writers: Brad Riddell, Todd Baird

Red Nation FilmLab Panel with: (in attendance) Brandon Routh, Gil Birmingham,   Steve Rash, Ernie Stevens III, Todd Harris

RED NATION “THE PITCH” (this is echo program of “Kickstarter but LIVE in front of an audience)

*Exclusive Red Nation WORLD Premiere*


Director: Alan Blackburn
5 minutes * USA * Trailer

ONE Filmmakers Panel for all 3 films in attendance!

Red Nation FilmLab Panel with: Alan Blackburn

All proceeds benefit: “Native Youth Matter” © – Preventing Native Youth Suicide on Reservations




*Exclusive Red Nation Premiere*

Director: Jody Marriott Bar-Lev and Steve Russell
85 minutes * USA *  Feature (Drama)


South Dakota 1899…When a mysterious stranger, Henry Seed, visits a small town on the outskirts of the Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation he brings with him a terrible resolve. When eerie, inexplicable and deadly events that mirror the atrocities that had been put upon the Lakota people, begin to occur in this western town, everything seems to point to Seed.

Little Thunder, the Lakota’s spiritual leader, envisions the far-reaching consequences of taking this path of righteous revenge or maintaining the integrity of the traditional Lakota values and the interconnected circles of all mankind.

Starting: Dan Davies, Corbin Conroy, Clifford Henry, Steve Garcia, Larry Swalley, Albert Red Bear.

Executive Producers: Avi Bar-Lev & Jody Marriott Bar-Lev
Writers: Jody Marriott Bar-Lev and Dan Davies


MITAKUYE OYASIN (We Are All Related)

*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Director: Jody Marriott Bar-Lev and Steve Russell
6 minutes * USA *  Documentary Short

This short documentary that sheds a light on the problems facing the noble people of the Great Sioux Nation. Filmed in the Badlands of South Dakota and on the Sioux Reservations, this documentary focuses on the reintroduction of the once indigenous wild horses to the lands of the Great Sioux. These wild mustangs themselves face eradication and there is hope this will help build a bridge to a a better future for these wild creatures and for this noble people.

Main Interviewees: Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Monica Terkildsen, Dave Archambault Tony Romero, John Barse, Gusti Terkildsen

Executive Producers: Avi Bar-Lev & Jody Marriott Bar-Lev
Writers: Jody Marriott Bar-Lev

Red Nation FilmLab Panel: (in attendance) Jody Marriott Bar-Lev
Avi Bar-Lev, Dan Davies, Steve Garcia, Kathy Willcuts, Corbin Conroy,
Monica Terkildsen, Shaeli Joya Bar-Lev, Gusti Terkildsen

RED NATION “THE PITCH” (this is echo program of “Kickstarter but LIVE in front of an audience)

*Exclusive Red Nation WORLD Premiere*


Director: Alan Blackburn
5 minutes * USA * Trailer

ONE Filmmakers Panel for all 3 films in attendance!

Red Nation FilmLab Panel with: Alan Balckburn.

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Native Women in Film & Television Screening Series

*Exclusive Red Nation Premiere*

Native Women in Film & Television


Director: Tracy Rector
11  minutes * USA * Documentary Short

Memories from the past ignite a young man’s yearning for his childhood sweetheart.

Executive Producers: Tracy Rector
Tracy Rector (Seminole) is the executive director and co- founder of Longhouse Media and its youth media project, Native Lens. She also runs Longhouse’s annual youth filmmaking workshop, SuperFly. She is a Native education specialist who in 2008 received Antioch University’s Horace Mann Award for her work in empowering Native youth.

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Native Women in Film & Television


Director: Sharon Linezo Hong
64 minutes * USA * Documentary Feature

Monique Verdin returns to southeast Louisiana to reunite with her family and quickly realizes that the Houma people’s traditional way of life–fishing, trapping, and hunting in the fragile wetlands–is being threatened by a cycle of man-made environmental crises. Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil leak are just the latest rounds in this century-old cycle that is forcing Monique’s clan to adapt in new ways. Monique must overcome the loss of her house, her father, and her partner, and redefine the meaning of home.

Red Nation FilmLab Panel with: (in attendance) Monique Verdin and  Sharon Linezo Hong, director, co-producer.
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Native Women in Film & Television


*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Director: Joanelle Romero
30  minutes * USA * Documentary Short

Narrated by: Ed Esner

Interie: Phil Lucas, Micheal Horse, Grandpa Wallace Black Elk,

Executive Producers: Sage Galesi,
Producers: Joanelle Romero, Gail Duncan,
Writer: Joanelle Romero

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Native Women in Film & Television


*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Director: Cathleen O’Connell
25 minutes * USA * Documentary Short

When you hear the phrase “Native American music” you may not think of tubas, trumpets and Sousa marches. Yet this rich musical tradition has been a part of Native American culture for over one hundred years.

Combining profiles of contemporary bands with fresh historical research, Sousa on the Rez: Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum offers viewers an unexpected and engaging picture of this little-known Native music scene. The documentary challenges viewers to expand their definition of Native American music and broadens their understanding of contemporary Indian life.

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Native Women in Film & Television


*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Director: Nanna Dalunde in collaboration with Douglas Miles
41  minutes * SWEDEN  * Documentary Short

Producers: Nanna Dalunde

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Native Women in Film & Television


*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Director: Orleta Slick
3:49 minutes * USA  * Animated Short Short

Producers: Orleta Slick

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Native Women in Film & Television



Director: Mel Damski
53 minutes * USA *  Feature (Drama/Western)

(NBC/TV 1984 – mini-series)

Raquel Welch stars in this made-for-TV film about a 19th-century Native American womanwho avenges her husband’s death at the hands of the white man.

Starring:  Raquel Welch, Nick Mancuso, Bradford Dillman, Joanelle Romero, Branscombe Richmond, Alex Kubik, Eloy Casados, Hortensia Colorado, Nick Ramus, Frank S. Salsedo, Frank Sotonoma, George Clutesi

Red Nation FilmLab Panel with: TBA

Executive Producers: Roger Gimbel
Writers: Evan Hunter and Colin Stuart



*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Director: Lawernce Blume
92  minutes * USA * Feature

Exclusive Los Angeles Premiere of best-selling Author JUDY BLUME’s TIGER EYES directed by her son Lawrence Blume. “Shot in New Mmexico and featuring charismatic performances from both Russell Means and son Tatanka, Lawrence Blume’s TIGER EYES – based on the classic teen novel by his mom Judy Blume – stars “Gossip Girl” WILLA HOLLAND as Davey, the teenager hurled into growing up after her father is murdered and mom relocates her and her younger brother from Atlantic City to Los Alamos, New Mexico.”

Starring: Tatanka Means, Gossip Girl’s Willa Holland, featuring Russell Means

Writers: Judy Blume, Lawrence Blume
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THE TUNDRA BOOK  A Tale of Vukvukai, the Little Rock

*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Director: Aleksei Vakhruschev

105 minutes * Russia * Russian and Chukchi with English subtitles * Documentary Feature

This documentary film presents a rare and stunning documentary about the lives of the Chukchi people who inhabit a remote Russian peninsula in the Arctic Circle, leaving them virtually isolated from modern life. The story centers on Vukvukai and his community. Vukvukai, the Little Rock, is Chukchi from eastern Russia and lives along the Bering Sea region. He has lived his lifetime as a reindeer herder and thus is known in his community as a true man of the tundra whose life is inseparable from the reindeer. The Chukchi herd more than 14,000 reindeer. Vukvukai lives in one of the harshest climate zones in the world, the Arctic Circle. His story and that of the Chukchi is one of a nonstop struggle for survival, but the people believe that following the practices of their ancient, nomadic, cultural traditions contributes to the perseverance of their survival in the unyielding, frozen tundra. The film presents a glimpse into a land, culture, and people that few have ever dared to capture, since it is so remote. For now, the nomadic Chukchi culture remains virtually intact away from the influx of modernity.

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*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Retrospective – Made in 1997

Director: Johnny Depp
123 minutes * USA *  Feature

A down-on-his-luck American Indian recently released from jail is offered the chance to “star” as the victim of a snuff film, the resulting pay of which could greatly help his poverty stricken family.

Starring: Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, Marshall Bell, Frederic Forrest, Luis Guzmán, Cody Lightning, Pepe Serna, Lupe Ontiveros, Alexis Cruz, Buck Holland, Chuck E. Weiss, Iggy Pop.



*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Director: Jules – Cesar Brechet
16.07  minutes * FRANCE  *   Feature


Producers: Bruno Petit, Christopher Buffet, Oliver Buffet

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*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Director: Marc Halberstadt
90 minutes * USA * Feature

My Jewish family lost its home to the Nazis. I decide to return the
reparations to the occupiers of our home in Germany, and I go to Germany
to get our home back. In Germany, I suddenly realize I’m a hypocrite: here
I am, complaining about the property taken from my German-Jewish
ancestors, when in America I’m living on and profiting from the land taken
from the Native Americans.And then I have an idea: If Germany owes me for sixty five years of back rent, and I owe the Native Americans for sixty five years of back rent, why not let the Native Americans collect directly from Germany: cut out the middleman! Four Native Americans go to Germany to execute the
‘assigned claim.’

Red Nation FilmLab with: (in attendance) Marc Halberstadt

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*Exclusive Red Nation Premiere*

74 minutes * USA * Silent Feature


Moderator: Joanelle Romero (Hatter Fox, Pow Wow Highway, Black Cloud)

Confirmed Panelists:
Marisa Quinn (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2)
Agam Darshi (Sanctuary {Syfy/Space} as Kate Freelander)
Tokala Clifford (Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,
Into the West, Dreamkeeper)
Shauna & Shannon The Baker Twins (Actors/Models)
Arlene Knight (Producer)
Babak Shokrian (Director/Producer/Screenwriter)
Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd (Casting Director)

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Director: Steve Barron

86 Minutes * USA * Feature

1984 ABC/HALLAMRK/Mini-Series

Starring: Eddie Spears, Sage Galesi, Kimberly Norris.

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*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Director: SilverBullet Produstions
55 minutes * USA * Documentary Feature

Narrated by: Wes Studi

President Lincoln and American Indian Sovereignty: The Mystery of The Lincoln Canes. This film traces the Intriguing story of The Lincoln Canes, which were given to the Pueblos in recognition of their right to self-govern.

In 1863 President Lincoln gave silver-tipped ebony canes to governors of each of New Mexico’s 19 American Indian Pueblos.  These canes symbolize the authority of each Pueblo to self-govern.  No other US President has ever extended a symbol of self-determination and self-governance to a Native American tribe.  What was the meaning of these canes? 

Why did President Lincoln, at the height of the Civil War make this effort?  Still revered as living symbols of Pueblo sovereignty, each cane is in use in Pueblos’ ceremonies and governance functions today. The canes are held with reverence and respect, passed down through generations of tribal leaders.

Produced by Silver Bullet Productions, and narrated by Wes Studi, famed American Indian actor, the film gives viewers an intimate look at how Pueblo leaders hold dear these Canes of Power.


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*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

9:053  minutes * Canada * Live Short Subject

Discovery Island is a short dramatic film about a young Indigenous man who moves to an island to prove his love and worth as a father to his lover and their unborn child.

Writer/Director/Producer: Steven Thomas Davies
Director of Photography: Joe Green

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*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Director: Damien Eagle Bear
9:52  minutes * USA * Documentary Short

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*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Director: Damien Eagle Bear
7:52 minutes * USA * Narrative Short


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*Exclusive Red Nation & Los Angeles Premiere*

Director: Jon Santaanta Proudstar
93  minutes * USA * Feature (Comedy)

So Close To Perfect is a Romantic Comedy which follows four friends through
the tumultuous rollercoaster of the quest for love.

Everyone looking for it. . . love. Jon is still lamenting over a
relationship which ended three years earlier seems stuck. In till he meet
coffee house girl Lilianna. Lilianna is embroiled in a college romance with
her douche bag boyfriend Dean. Sonia (Jon’s councelari/friend)doesn’t trust
her club owner boyfriend Dutch. Gilga the night club bouncer has secretly
fallen for Sonia. And finally the bad boy Felix. Is he really bad or just
allergic to monogamy. Every guy hates him, every woman wants him.

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NEW > Red Nation FilmLab “Conversations”


Moderator: Rick Mora (Twilight Saga)

Confirmed Panelists: Confirmed Panelists: Rena Owen (Once Were Warriors), Lenore Andriel (Yellow Rock), Joanelle Romero (Pow Wow Highway), Olga Velganos (Generation Red Nation) , Shannon and Shauna The Baker Twins (Actors/Models)


How can more native women achieve lead roles on prime time television and
create positions of power in Hollywood?

Call to action on talents of American Indian & Indigenous women working in
the film industry as actors, directors, producers, and writers, crew, this
on-going series examines the portrayal of American Indians in contemporary
film. The series presents a dialogue which explores the challenges and
opportunities for established and emerging native women actors and
filmmakers. This series is connected to the 9th Annual Red Nation Film
Festival – The Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Cinema,
which includes a full day of Native Women in Film & Television screenings.
This year marks Native Women in Film & Television as having the largest
representation of Native women filmmakers.

Native Women in Film & Television is dedicated to helping Native women
achieve their highest potential in all forums of the entertainment
industries and to preserve the original storytellers of this land.
A program of Red Nation Celebration, an American Indian non-profit

Founded in 2005, Native Women in Film & Television and its Film Series
provides for its members opportunities to network with industries
professionals, educational programs, access to employment
opportunities, Red Nation FilmLab’s, mentorships and other services in
support of its mission.


RED is GREEN CINEMA Environmental Films presents


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Director: Joanelle Romero

:30 seconds * Indian America

American Indians placed at the Forefront of Global Green Movement. Not since Iron Eyes Cody, 41 years ago, has there been an American Indian Environmental PSA- UNTIL NOW…

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