Red Nation Film Festival — Los Angeles' Premiere Native American Film Festival

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9th Red Nation Film Festival 2012 Winners

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8th Red Nation Film Festival 2011 Winners

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7th Red Nation Film Festival 2010

Best Actress > Tamera Feldman “Rez Bomb” US

Best Supporting Actor > Gil Birmingham “Eclipse – The Twilight Saga”, US

Best Supporting Actress > Casey Camp Horinek “Behind the Door of a
Secret Girl”, US

Best Documentary Film >”Cangleska Wakan –The Sacred Hoop”, Director Aitken Pearson, US

Best Environmental Film >”HAWAII, A Voice for Sovereignty”, Director
Catherine Bauknight, Hawaii/US

Best Public Service >”Rape on the Reservation”, Current TV Credits:
MarianaVanZeller Correspondent, Adam Yamaguchi Producer, Michael DiRenzo Editor, US

Best Doc Short >”What We Know Now”, Director Orleta Stick

Best Music Video >”Sage’s Edie Sedgwick” Director Nikki Reed (Twilight
Saga) and featuring Johnny Flynn, London.

6th Red Nation Film Festival 2009 Winners

Best Film
The Twilight Saga
Director: Chris Weitz

Best Director
The Ghost Riders
Director: V. Blackhawk Aamodt

Best Actor
Chaske Spencer
New Moon /The Twilight Saga

Best Actress
Tinsel Korey
New Moon /The Twilight Saga

Best Documentary Feature
Director: Joe Berlinger

Best Woman Documentary Feature
For The Next 7 Generation /The 13 Grandmothers
Director: Carole Hart

Best Documentary Short
In The Footsteps of Yellow Woman
Director: Camille Manybeads Tso

Best Editor
Red Nation Film Festival Short
Montano Rain

Best Music Video
Michael Jackson
Black or White

Red Nation Student Women Film Project Winners:
Lumbini Park – Directed by Eve LaFountain (Turtle Mountain Chippewa)
A Thousand Unsaid Words – Directed by Katrina Montoya (Sault St. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians)
The Hand Drum – Directed by Stephanie Painter (Shoshone/Washoe/Oneida)

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